Easy Steps For Install Avast Antivirus in Windows 7 and 10

Are you troubled with virus threats frequently in your PCs? Are you looking for reliable antivirus protection for your system? Are you worried about your saved data and documents on your PCs?

Here’s a solution to every questions. Yes, install Avast antivirus software in your windows 7 and use internet without worry. This security software is created in such a manner that it will give you total security protection from all kind of virus related threats without compromising on performance.

It Is Quite Manageable And Easy To Install On Your Windows.

  • Check if your system meets the requirements for Avast Antivirus Software.
  • Click on run the Avast set up File (Installer) and installation wizard will come on screen automatically.
  • Then, choose the type of installation: Regular installation, Custom installation. Regular installation is for all the users whereas Custom installation is for advanced users.
  • After clicking on type of installation, you will get the screen to start the installation. Click on the box of additional products needs to be installed.
  • Then you will get the progress bar showing the process of installation and Avast files copied into your computer.
  • This process can take 2-3 minutes, depending on your speed of internet.
  • In the last step, you click on continue button and finish the final installation process.
  • The pop-up screen indicates that you are protected.
  • Read the privacy policy guidelines and click on blue/green button to agree and accept the policies.
  • It will say to restart your system, click on restart to activate the antivirus protection software. It will help the software to function properly in your system.
  • The small window will come on the side-bar, just click on the start button and it will scan all viruses if present.

It can be downloaded in multiple systems as well. Enjoy the experience and total security, once the software is activated. Kids can play the games fluently; audio and video can be downloaded easily without trouble and many others features. In case, if you face any issue regarding installation, dial Avast Technical support Australia helpline Number 1800-958-237 to get any sort of installation regarding assistance.